How can I deal with a tough boss at work ?

Deciding whom you need to have as a boss is not in your hands but you can manage working with a hard boss by focussing on certain tips. The relationships that you create and manage, with both your immediate boss, and other company employees, are critical for your work success and career progress. He can’t […]

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How to be a successful employee and thrive as a good team player?

Getting a job is sometimes easier than sustaining in the job you got. The best way to sustain in a job is by setting a goal in life. But does only setting a goal work? Like on New Year’s Eve everyone takes a resolution which they hardly follow throughout the year, this goal should not […]

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How to grab opportunities and get promotions ?

A career should go forward and should not take a stand. But how does that work? How can I get what I want, probably a promotion? There are certain factors that will help you  make your career. Creating your own style of work seeks attention from your seniors. One can either climb up the ladder […]

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Salary – A big question during your interview. How to handle this question?

There are so many personal questions asked during an interview. Such questions are asked to know about your personality and your traits. There also pops up the question “What are your salary expectations?” which sometimes knocks you down at the interview. In a hurry to make big money in a short time people tend to […]

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Is it your first Job and you are confused about how to write a resume which shows no job experience?

The foremost step in preparing to go for an interview is getting your resume ready. A resume can make or break your fortune. It takes a lot of time in thinking what to put in into your resume when you are totally a fresher or a person with hardly any experience. Here we are helping […]

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Sample Job Interview Questions

Sample Job Interview Questions Why do you want to work for this company? Why are you interested in this job? The interviewer is trying to determine what you know and like about the company, whether you will be willing to make a commitment to the job, and if your skills match the job requirements. Your […]

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Tips For Career Growth

Tips for career

Hi folks, I found this interesting article in the net, which is worth revealing… have a look at this….. If you want to advance in your career……follow this…… 1. Do more than is expected of you . Prove that you’re capable of handing more responsibility. Volunteer for special assignments. 2. Take initiative and do what […]

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