Deciding whom you need to have as a boss is not in your hands but you can manage working with a hard boss by focussing on certain tips. The relationships that you create and manage, with both your immediate boss, and other company employees, are critical for your work success and career progress. He can’t do his job or accomplish his goals without your help. No one will ever share as much concern as you do that the quality of the relationship helps you achieve your goals. So, your manager shares a critical interdependence with you. You won’t progress without the information, perspective, experience, and support of your manager and it’s the vice versa.  Do what you say you’ll do. Keep timeline commitments.

Never blind side your manager with surprises that you could have predicted or prevented. Keep her informed about your projects and interactions with the rest of the organization. In this way you will be in touch with your boss and he lshe will be in loop with your work and whereabouts. This will make him more comfortable to communicate with you. Recognize that success at work is not all about you, put your boss’s needs at the center of your universe. Compliment your boss on something he does well. Complimenting is different from flattering. The latter will only lead you to trouble. Most of the time it is impossible to change your boss, so instead of trying to change your boss, focus on trying to understand your boss’s work style. Learn to read your boss’s mind, moods and reactions to situations. Ask, learn and at times teach your boss not your ways , but some new ways of working. So keep in mind, provide the importance your boss needs and you are on your way to success. A better understanding between the boss and employee does miracles.

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