A career should go forward and should not take a stand. But how does that work? How can I get what I want, probably a promotion? There are certain factors that will help you  make your career. Creating your own style of work seeks attention from your seniors. One can either climb up the ladder of success or else fall down depending on your way of handling matters. Being positive but using your brains for solutions are going to help you to toggle between people. A healthy relationship with your co-workers also matters because a team feedback is collected and is highly considered as one of the factors for promotion. Having a loud attitude can seek others attention but not respect.

Being compassionate, supportive and responsive to you colleagues will get you where you wish to reach. Create a style of your own and motivate others to follow it, provided  it’s the right way. Don’t judge others, be yourself and communicate concisely and clearly with others. Take initiatives and interests in new projects assigned to you. If bored with your project ask your seniors to get you in a project where there is more possibility of learning. By doing so you will show your eagerness to work on new projects and also you will get to learn new things. Only following orders of the seniors would also not always work out. Pour out your opinions by weighing from all possible directions. Say it out whenever you feel there is a better way but put on table all your reasons to prove your opinion correct. This way you will be playing a good team member as well as a good goal seeker. What else do you want? Success is what all look out for but hard work is also something you need to put in.

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