There are so many personal questions asked during an interview. Such questions are asked to know about your personality and your traits. There also pops up the question “What are your salary expectations?” which sometimes knocks you down at the interview. In a hurry to make big money in a short time people tend to forget that money is earned through experience. When you are a fresher you can’t expect a company to pay you a high salary.  Nowadays freshers are demanding and that doesn’t always show that they are interested to make a career with the company. Before going for an interview you generally do a lot of research on the company and the industry. So in addition to this you can research and compare the salary offered by other companies in the similar industry. May be this can help you figure out if the salary offered to you is what you are worth to be paid. Never be the first person to discuss the salary. Leave it to the employer. Yes, but if they are paying you real less, then instead of directly rejecting the offer tell them what is your salary range. In the job application form you are asked to mention your current salary as well as your salary expectations. It’s always better to mention “Negotiable” in this space.  The candidate should also understand that the company has its own budget constraints even for recruitment. I would advise the freshers not to emphasize much on salary, because get a stand in your career you need to sacrifice many things, including your comfort. But believe me, it really pays off.  If you are worth it, then you will get what you wanted and that too for your hard work.

Coming back to the talk about salary, what should you do when you are applying online. There are a lot of advertisements for job vacancies. If salary is not asked just ignore it. Employers generally ask for your previous salary to screen you whether you fit in their salary range. With that they analyse whether they want to hire you or not. Being upfront is good but does not always help. The employer may just skip if you are too adamant on your salary, and move on to the next candidate. So keep in mind, leaving salary discretion to the employer will be the best option.

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