Getting a job is sometimes easier than sustaining in the job you got. The best way to sustain in a job is by setting a goal in life. But does only setting a goal work? Like on New Year’s Eve everyone takes a resolution which they hardly follow throughout the year, this goal should not be ignored. Without a vision in life there lies no path in front of you and without hard work there’s no prosperity, whether its professional life or personallife. You have to deeply desire the goal and its only then is possible to achieve it. Lest we desire nothing can be achieved. Just like a little effort brings little result so is a weak goal. Being strong in setting your goal and planning for the same will help you get whatyou want. Success needs to be sought. Planning and action are two important thingsyou need to keep in mind. The path to a goal is always crucial. It’s a well planned actionthat will help you in accomplishing this critical goal. There are hurdles but acting well through all these situations is necessary. Day dreaming is not allowed but visualizingyourself achieving the goal is a way to succeed, it’s a way of self- encouragement.

Some people have it on their clipboard written in capital letters “ I will achieve it”. Adding writings of encouragement to your clipboard will boost your confidence and willremind you of your goal. Setting a goal means not only having an accomplishment in mind but also setting a deadline. This is the best way as you would be regularly gearing up to see where you stand. You can do this by marking on your calendar. You should be aware of what’s going on around you. Above all it’s necessary to review your progress regularly. This will guide you to analyse where you stand in achieving your goal.

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  • Asif shaikh

    Nice Article. I always want ot be a best team player in my team.


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