The main key points that affect your communication are effective listening, appropriate self-disclosure, a good understanding audience, clarity of speech , awareness about what you speak, and good verbal communications. Why is it important to listen? Many people answer before the question or the conversation is completed. It’s not necessary that the conversation should end with what you are thinking, the opposite person could also have something else in his mind. So it is always good to not interrupt but listen patiently until the person finishes his sentence and then speak. Do not jump to conclusions, but think before you open your mouth. It’s always not necessary that the other person’s views or opinions should match with yours.

So be open to views and also think from the other person’s prospective. Do not act like the horse whose eyes are always directed in one direction. You will be able to understand better when you let the other person also to speak what he thinks. This will also give you common ideas which you can agree upon and it would be great if it works out for you both. Speaking  up to the point and being clear in your communication is a factor that influences communication along with awareness about the subject or matter you are talking about. Whether its your appraisal or if its sorting out an error done by you, get to what you actually performed instead of rolling all over around. This will help to ease the tension and provide a clean conversation. Above all a good verbal skill is necessary as without  it the person in front of you would not even bother to listen to you. So in short language allows us to go where we need to go in communication.

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