A CV can be tricky to master. What to write? What is most relevant? Essentially, what will sell my profile to the employer as being capable of doing the job? As specialists in the recruitment world, we thought we might compile a few hints and tips on how to make your CV competitive through our thoughts and those of potential hirers and employers offering change management careers!

Personal Statement
This must be catchy and high-level as first appearances count for everything. This will be what initially draws the reader in so it must be phrased perfectly. It MUST include power words which will entice the reader to continue reading. In order for the choice of words to have the desired effect, they must truly sell yourself and skill sets to the company as being the ideal candidate for the role being applied for. Therefore, it is advisable that you make your choice of words personal to the company; tailor it to what you believe the company values in its employees and the companies core values. This is the opportunity to sell your skill sets, stressing why they are important and present yourself as the perfect candidate!
Remember – companies are often inundated with applicants so it is imperative that this self-reflection sticks out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

This will form the main bulk of the CV as actions speak louder than words! All experience must be relevant, up-to-date and highlight the main achievements and deliverables achieved with each task / project undertaken. Facts and statistics speak for themselves so draw on these! Concrete examples will engage the employer and give them an insight into exactly what you are capable of. While remembering that the most recent experience is the most pertinent, it is a good idea to really highlight the best brands worked for and an accurate description of the responsibilities of your position. Waffling is not encouraged, this must be avoided at all costs; all details must be direct, to-the-point and engaging.

Although important this should not be the main focus. This must remain concise and it is vital to stress the main achievements in your academic career, bearing in mind the most recent is always the most relevant! Highest level of education will be weighted the most so must include details regarding where and when this was achieved, what was studied and the qualification obtained.
Personal interests

Although this does not form a crucial part of the CV, it is a great opportunity to differentiate yourself from the crowd and to give employers more of an insight into the type of person you are. You may find that the Hiring Manager in question has a hobby in common, placing you at the forefront of their minds. Again however, this section must be kept short and to-the-point while still having the opportunity to present yourself as a pro-active and dynamic individual. A range of interests will do this and will also avoid you coming across as narrow.

Although these are not a necessity for a CV, if they can be offered at this point it may speed up the application process. It will allow the employer to get a 3rd party perspective quickly, therefore giving you more leverage as a candidate. A candidate with excellent references often counts for considerably more than a spotless CV. If these cannot be provided on the CV, it is vital that you have individuals in mind as being unable to provide them will certainly be a hindrance in the application process.
One must always remember that there is no such thing as the perfect CV. A CV does not have to be kept to 2 pages but if you are capable of selling yourself to an employer on 2 sides then this will make you a much for viable candidate. An employer, and we as recruiters have a duty to identify the best person for the job and a lengthy and drawn-out CV is not only time-consuming to review, it suggests a waffler. A CV should never exceed 4 pages. Finally, if your CV is achieving the desired results, then there is no need to change it – if you want impartial advice, please send through.

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