Organisations only function with the co-operation of their members. Effective organisations can demand so much from their employees, that those people have nothing of themselves left for life beyond their work environment. Effective and non-judgemental listening will help you to understand the other person or people. When someone listens to you, both your own sense of worth and the worth of the listener increases. Judging another person almost always creates distance and defensiveness.

So being in team , its better be open than loud. I can change my behaviour much more easily than I can persuade you to change yours. So its always better to see what you can do to make your relationship with your colleagues to thrive rather than asking them to change their behaviour which will be more annoying to them. The key things you need to remember is  Listen to understand others’ positions and feelings, Allow each party to express positions and opinion openly, Treat yourself and others with respect, face differences with others directly instead of bitching around and Work towards solutions where both parties win because it’s a joy to work in team.

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