An aptitude test is one which allows the employer in the process of hiring to assess you on the basis of your reasoning skills. Each company has its own way of assessing its candidates. Some of the common aptitude tests are verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning and abstract reasoning. An aptitude test is generally the first round of your interview and candidates are filtered in this test. So being the entry line for your interview, it is important you prepare well for the aptitude test. So how to start with? Practice makes a man perfect. Nowadays a lot of practice papers are available online. Many websites have come up to provide guidance in preparing for aptitude tests. Written tests generally cover mathematics, reasoning, grammar and psychology. Polish your basics in mathematics and grammar. Try to work out some simple shortcuts to solve complex arithmetic calculations because the time given to you will not allow you to try the long way. Also there are sections holding questions related to your job profile outlining real life situations. Such questions need more an alert mind and it’s in the answer that your interviewer will judge you.

Start on time and end on time. Do not sit with a question if you do not know how to solve it, pass on to the next question and move forward and return to the unanswered ones later. This will save you time as online tests have a lot of sections but give less time to answer. A good knowledge of the process you are being interviewed for also helps to answer process related questions. Carry your pen and stop behaving like kids borrowing pens. Despite it being an online test always carry your writing materials as you will need it during calculations. Work on sample aptitude tests and that will help you foresee where you stand and what you need to improve on. Practicing well will always take you to the next level. All the best.

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