Your photo, to me would not seem much important than the rest of the content of your resume. Unless I’m interviewing you for a job that needs exposure in front of cameras or I would say neatly that attaching a photo is necessary only if your job role demands it. Your photo has no place on your resume as it would not portray your skills. Your appearance doesn’t matter much to the interviewer as it’s only through a one-to-one conversation that the person can get to know about you. Your ability to do a particular job can be measured by how you perform in your interview. So, I consider that including a photo shows unprofessionalism.

A photo on your resume makes more sense for jobs in the Air Lines industry, Film and modeling industry and positions like Front Desk executives, Receptionists, Guest Relations Officers, Customer Care Executives that require face to face interaction with the company’s clients or customers and for that you need to be well groomed and presentable.

‘To decide the suitability of the candidate, he/she should be assessed on merit alone. But still interviewers at times tend to judge candidates by their external appearances. By not attaching your photo, your resume looks more appealing and helps the company treat all candidates equally by focusing on their experience and other traits. Ideally, a recruiter should look only at the skills of the candidate.

Nowadays it is a trend to include a photo with your CV, but whether we like it or not, appearance does play a part in influencing a recruiter’s decision. It is quite natural for individuals to be affected by looks. Fortunately, there is hope for all. Appearance works out whether it’s in professional life or your personal life if you present yourself well. It is still a taboo to put a picture of yourself on your resume. The no-photo rule still exists and works too.

You would be fortunate enough if the interviewer is not a racist. Your photo would clearly show your race. It opens the possibility of a discrimination claim. Moreover nowadays resumes are fed in computers , so having a photo may cause technical difficulties as the system would not recognize the photo file or format. In the end, the no-photos-on-resumes rule is just a guideline. Use your own judgment because the first impression will come from your resume.

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