How do I crack the most important but the most tricky round during the interview, the Ops round?

               There’s more to this round of interview because its base is behaviour, common sense and alertness. Smart people know the smart way.  Some may lag behind in these traits but simple and straight answers will also help out. You will be seated in front of an Operational Manager who had been working with the company for quite a long time and would have a better knowledge on the project and its requirements. Their questions thrown at you are generally related to the situations they face on a regular basis. Some interviewers are quick at judging you but some may take a longer time and will drill you with so many questions. So most of the candidates are a bit tensed during this round of interview. The only trick is be smart in your answers. Listen to what is being asked and answer only to that question. I’ve noticed candidates swaying from one topic to another without answering for what is being actually asked. The danger is that your unrelated answer may indirectly lead to more complicated questions which are not required. And there you find yourself stuck in the web you built yourself. So answer smartly and honestly. And when it is about a topic you know well, let out all that you know about it.

If you don’t know about something that the interviewer is asking about, it would be better if you ask the operations manager about it. Being honest saying that you don’t know about it or you are not aware about the subject being asked to you will not knock you out of the interview. Show your inquisitiveness in your question to the manager. Sometimes this triggers a feeling in the manager that this candidate is so keen to know about details, this way he can learn many new things and will not stay back. Try to avoid negative responses. Most of the questions are kinda tricky, giving you situations and asking you what would you do if you were to face it. Here, instead of saying that honest answers workout, I would say a smart answer will do the trick. So as far as this round goes, it depends on your smartness and skills in handling virtual situations you are put in. Think before you answer any question thrown at you.

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